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You may also try your local Bar Association

It sounds like a scam of some sort just to get you to pay more money sooner. I live in NYC where you can contact the Bar Association who will refer you to an attorney. You can get legal advice there for a minimal fee. It’s been a few years when I did this; I only paid about $10 for the visit. The lawyer may agree to advocate on your behalf. Explain the “bait and switch”.

I would also check the collection laws where you live and see if perhaps this collection agency is bullying you into paying a lump sum. If you were to go to court, I would think they would have to get a judgment against you to do this and being that you are sending a payment each month, I would think it would be harder for them to get a judgment against you unless payments have been sporadic. Hope this may help.

I’m checking into it. I’m almost done two other debts and hopefully have it complete by 6 months… its just this darn credit card. Bad choices, and going to school for a year, no income and living on a card… bad bad idea. On the plus side I got a job, with potential to do really good. Wish me luck… stressed to the max… but keeping my chin up.

June 2, 2016, debt collection laws