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I was staying out of the fray this time

OK, I was staying out of the fray this time until that last comment. Based on Pup Art’s ideology, a recovering alcoholic cannot tell someone it is dumb to drink. A former drug addict cannot be an example to people and tell about the dangers of drug and a parent who had a child out of wedlock cannot espouse the virtue of waiting until marriage.

Please, let’s be real. There is a reason why bankruptcy is in the list of most significant life stressors. It ranks up with the death of a loved one and divorce.

I once heard a wise saying that smart men learn from their mistakes and smarter men learn from other people’s mistakes.

BK should be the absolute last resort, when all else has failed. That includes delivering pizzas, selling everything but the kids. When we realize that, with the exception of medical bills, we chose to buy on credit. We owe the money.

Today, CNN said that Congress is trying to make the CC Companies straighten up their act as far as rates, fees, etc. Of course, it can all be a bunch of hogwash, but we can hope for better things to come.

My roommate who lives with us had a full time job, not a speck of credit card debt, and was driving an old van, living in his means.

Lymphoma struck last year, he is kind of OK, getting maintenance Chemo now and is still unable to work other than a few hours a week. Had a problem with embolisms during the heavy-duty chemo over the last summer, was hospitalized 2 times and almost lost it. They put a ‘screen’ or net in his leg to stop the blood clots from coming up to his lungs.

Medical bills in the hundred of thousands come here daily and he has no money.

Dine and Fandy for ‘responsibility’… He doesn’t nor ever has smoked, is not a drinker or abusive to his system. HELLO??? What might HE have done so wonderfully different???

I am happy to see the message below. I get tired of people telling me “If you lost more weight and exercised, you wouldn’t need to take insulin. HUH? as a type ONE diabetic, who was an athlete at the time of diagnosis and still am pretty dang fit at 51, that simply is not the way it always works! All the generalized attitudes of some folks would scare me… I guess if their kid gets sick, it is the kid’s fault…?

Ah well, we for the most part are not trying to escape responsibility, but dangit, we should be allowed to have a say: “I’d love to pay you, but I can’t afford that much since you raised the APR so much. Won’t you reconsider and let me make payments I can afford?” when these requests are met with robotic indifference, and no effort from them to just work with you, what then would those pious folks among us do?

December 3, 2016, bankruptcy credit card debt
I am glad there is someone who agrees with me

I won’t argue with the others. I and many others can only hope someday the US Congress and other leaders in this country will get out of the pockets of the big corporations , take responsibility, and do what is right for the middle class who are suffering the most from the predators who take advantage of people every chance they get. For anyone who wants to know about big corporations who have filed bankruptcy it’s only a Google search away.

That doesn’t make BK acceptable, just because these people ran away from responsibility and irresponsible spending. BTW, you left off Toni Braxton who, rumor has it, filed BK because she was trying to get out of a contract she signed.

The list of corporations will be even less impressive because I am sure the CEOs of those companies are siting pretty in their big houses and lavish lifestyles.

I filed BK in my early twenties (17 years ago) because I didn’t think I had it in me to pay my debts down. And, yes, I also ran away from responsibility and blamed it all on a boyfriend I had at the time who helped me rack up my CC debt. Now, in hindsight, I see that I only had myself to blame and that I could have made it work. I could have gotten another job, delivering pizzas at night or something and paid my CCs off. I will never again file BK. I would rather go through CCCS and work out a payment plan and tackle my responsibilities and not just throw my hands up in the air and say “I give up”

All I can say is that I am glad the BK laws got tougher. Hopefully, it will reduce the number of frivolous BK filings.

I forgot one on my list who is well known and filed bankruptcy: DAVE RAMSEY! The guy who tells most of his fiollowing to eat beans and rice!

SOOO right!! If the Creditors would work within what people actually have to pay them, most people wouldn’t ever consider bankruptcy. Most creditors are unwilling to work with you. The payments they want are HUGE, and they don’t care that they are not the only ones you have to pay.

People have all types of unexpected circumstances that happen to them. One minute you are picking out carpet and going to the grocery store, and the next minute your name is being called through out the grocery store because your husband has fallen 18ft. into a concrete basement.

Not everyone just ran credit up to take bankruptcy. It happens, there are people out there that have done that. The VAST majority have had something happen that drastically changed their way of living, job loss, medical expenses etc… Most people are not “dead beats” that decide one day, “I just don’t think I like living frugally, I think I’ll take bankruptcy now”. Sometimes though YOUR world just “freaks out” around you and there is no other way to move forward. Court Summons and Judgements don’t help you pay if it’s not there to pay with.

November 1, 2016, bankruptcy
Question about CC interest rates?

I think I am asking this question for a lot of people when I ask, what do you do when you interest rates on your cards are so high but you don’t qualify to get another low interest rate card or a loan??

It is just plain stupid to continue to pay those crazy rates…there has to be other options. CCCS comes to mind but is there anything else??

BANKRUPTCY IS NOT THE ANSWER. Taking responsibility for your actions is. Work harder. Spend less. Simple steps to live by to avoid this problem altogether. Plus, bankruptcy just passes your debt on to other innocent people.

Sometimes when one has his or her back against the wall, bankruptcy IS the only way out as time is not on your side. Creditors refuse to work with you, they want their money NOW & on their terms! Whether or not you have money is not their concern.

I am a gay man. This list reminds me of one that gays use to explain to people that it’s okay if you’re gay because the following famous people were gay. (Actually a few are in this list.) But I don’t see the connection of why, if it was okay for these people to file for bankruptcy, it’s okay for the average person to do so. I prefer the answer someone gave that bankruptcy is not the answer, but taking responsibility is the answer.

It’s the same with other aspects of your life. Are you going to overeat, so that you subject your body to obesity and the ensuing exposure to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, glaucoma, arthritis? Or are you going to learn to moderate your eating habits and exercise, so that you can enjoy better health? It’s the same with personal finances. Are you going to make an effort to budget, keep track of your finances, and live modestly? Most successful people in this list are achieving this and helping the rest of us by sharing their experiences.

One would wander what excesses drove the people in the list you post to overspend, then need to file for bankruptcy. Why not avoid excesses in the first place? People are not corporations, so please spare us the list of companies that have filed for bankruptcy. Those corporations may have been led by people prone to financial excesses in their personal lives. The current drive to clean out the boardrooms of public companies and disclose the secret golden parachute arrangements they have with top executives is a good trend. It seems that executives who depart make more money when doing so because of secretive lucrative agreements they arranged when hired.