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Almost OUT from the debt

So, with extra hours at work, I have paid down to the collection agency and owe only $300.00 which they will take automatically on the fifth of April!


Now, I am a bit lost here, When they send the letter of completion of the payoff, DO I approach Equifax, Espirion and others? What shall I do to report the payoff? Should I take action on my own bat, or keep the letter to use later? I would keep it anyway, but am just making sure of how to report this…

Please advise?

If you want a bill payment or pay-off to be reported sooner rather than later to the credit bureaus, do it yourself. The creditor is not interested in reporting your “good” deeds, but will hurry up and report you as late.

Yeah, I planned on that SOOOOO…. again, my question:

Should I phone the credit bureaus, and then mail copies to them? Should I just take the addies from their websites and mail the copies with my info on it all….? What department or such handles this sort of report (Private person, not a business…)

I’d like to not chew through cell phone minutes with them or have to go off to find a payphone around here that works well…..

I don’t think that the credit bureau will update your file on just a phone call. They need written documentation. Just mail it to them. Make sure you include your file number (if you have a copy of your credit report, send a copy of the front page with your personal info) or your social security number, so that your file is the one that gets updated.

No need to call them. Without having it in writing, I don’t think they will update your payments being made.

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