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I am glad there is someone who agrees with me

I won’t argue with the others. I and many others can only hope someday the US Congress and other leaders in this country will get out of the pockets of the big corporations , take responsibility, and do what is right for the middle class who are suffering the most from the predators who take advantage of people every chance they get. For anyone who wants to know about big corporations who have filed bankruptcy it’s only a Google search away.

That doesn’t make BK acceptable, just because these people ran away from responsibility and irresponsible spending. BTW, you left off Toni Braxton who, rumor has it, filed BK because she was trying to get out of a contract she signed.

The list of corporations will be even less impressive because I am sure the CEOs of those companies are siting pretty in their big houses and lavish lifestyles.

I filed BK in my early twenties (17 years ago) because I didn’t think I had it in me to pay my debts down. And, yes, I also ran away from responsibility and blamed it all on a boyfriend I had at the time who helped me rack up my CC debt. Now, in hindsight, I see that I only had myself to blame and that I could have made it work. I could have gotten another job, delivering pizzas at night or something and paid my CCs off. I will never again file BK. I would rather go through CCCS and work out a payment plan and tackle my responsibilities and not just throw my hands up in the air and say “I give up”

All I can say is that I am glad the BK laws got tougher. Hopefully, it will reduce the number of frivolous BK filings.

I forgot one on my list who is well known and filed bankruptcy: DAVE RAMSEY! The guy who tells most of his fiollowing to eat beans and rice!

SOOO right!! If the Creditors would work within what people actually have to pay them, most people wouldn’t ever consider bankruptcy. Most creditors are unwilling to work with you. The payments they want are HUGE, and they don’t care that they are not the only ones you have to pay.

People have all types of unexpected circumstances that happen to them. One minute you are picking out carpet and going to the grocery store, and the next minute your name is being called through out the grocery store because your husband has fallen 18ft. into a concrete basement.

Not everyone just ran credit up to take bankruptcy. It happens, there are people out there that have done that. The VAST majority have had something happen that drastically changed their way of living, job loss, medical expenses etc… Most people are not “dead beats” that decide one day, “I just don’t think I like living frugally, I think I’ll take bankruptcy now”. Sometimes though YOUR world just “freaks out” around you and there is no other way to move forward. Court Summons and Judgements don’t help you pay if it’s not there to pay with.

November 1, 2016, bankruptcy