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The Credit Card Game

They have no shame ! Bad enough that they show up at universities all over the place. Now there is a CC game Get those kids hooked early! Convince them they need stuff, stuff and more stuff. If you want it, you can have it . Today! Just whip out the plastic and it’s yours! Let them know they can’t live without a credit card! Ha! I wonder if this new game gives away all the dirty tricks these co’s play! That’s how I got into my troubles. Silly me at the time thought it was “free money” and that I will pay for it later when I get a good job. Later came, but I was already way in over my head.

Maybe you are one of these people that shouldn’t have a credit card.

Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren talks about this in her book, All Your Worth.

I haven’t used a credit card for several years. I was careless with them. My first husband was an alcoholic and I attended some AA meetings with him. They have all sorts of sayings in 12 step groups. One I remember was One drink is too many… twenty not enough. I think that can be turned around with someone who can’t control spending with a credit card to read One trip to the mall is too many.. twenty is not enough. It’s easy to get in over ones head when that compound interest starts adding up. Best wishes.. I hope you get out from under.

Thanks for the positive thoughts and well wishes. Yes, I am now officially out of the hole I dug myself in. I have a few credit cards now with small (no greater than $1500) credit limits, and all my charge offs are out of SOL. My credit scores/reports are still kinda crappy, but slowly climbing up.

August 3, 2016, credit card debt